What Is CBD Oil & How Does It Work? Everything You Need To Know About Cannabidiol’s Health Benefits | Nancy Philpott – YourTango

CBD oil has amazing health benefits.

It’s only recently that the medical community has started to catch on to the widespread benefits of one of the cannabinoids in marijuana, and how CBD oil — the non-psychoactive chemical ingredient — can be used to help heal and prevent a number of traumatic injuries and disabling conditions, like seizures, depression, and chronic pain.

The benefits of CBD oil are undeniable in many cases, and since this particular cannabinoid doesn’t contain the psychoactive ingredient found in marijuana (THC), it leaves users with the benefits of pain relief and none of the mind-altering effects of a marijuana “high.” So if you’re suffering from chronic pain or illness, you need to learn about how CBD oil benefits you and if you should give it a try.

I was sitting on the bed beside my husband of almost twenty years when he announced, “If this is how life is going to be from now on, I’m not sure I want to live anymore.” The stress and trauma of living with chronic back pain had slowly stolen his health and the life we’d dreamed of in retirement which included golfing, fishing, and traveling.

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Up until that moment, the essential health benefits of CBD oil were the last thing on my mind.

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