What Is CBD Oil ? and Will It Really Relieve Your Chronic Pain and Sleep Problems

What Is CBD Oil ? and Will It Really Relieve Your Chronic Pain and Sleep Problems ? CBD oil comes from the cannabis plant, and devotees swear by its health benefits Here's what you should know before you try

People are dropping it into their nighttime tea, swallowing capsules, and loading it into their vape pens, claiming it relieves depression, masks chronic pain, and helps them sleep deeper And although CBD oil is often derived from marijuana plants, it won’t get you high—and it’s not just potheads who are partaking But what is CBD oil, exactly? CBD oil is typically extracted from the resin glands on cannabis (marijuana) buds and flowers It can also be extracted from hemp, which is an industrial, fibrous form of cannabis that has small buds and a tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, concentration of 03% or less (THC is the chemical compound that’s responsible for making people high)

It's usually diluted with another type of oil, like MCT oil No, CBD oil really won’t get you stoned ! There are more than 80 active cannabinoid chemicals in marijuana, and their effects on us stem from their interactions with specific receptors in our bodies THC is the main psychoactive cannabinoid in the plant, and it produces intoxication and euphoria by interacting with CB1 receptors in the brain CBD’s interaction with those same receptors is 100 times weaker than THC’s, and when it binds to them, it doesn’t alter our thoughts or perceptions in the same way The legality of CBD oil depends on where you live ! CBD oil is legal in the 29 states where medicinal and/or recreational marijuana is legal

Seventeen additional states have CBD-specific laws on the books: Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming Each of those states has unique restrictions on THC levels and use cases (in Missouri, for instance, it can only be used to treat epilepsy) Additionally, animal studies and anecdotal evidence suggest CBD oil has potential as a treatment for everything from anxiety and substance abuse disorders to chronic pain and diseases of the central nervous system CBD oil is often mislabeled ! “CBD oil” is now marketed in everything from drops, capsules, syrups and teas to lotions and creams The FDA has yet to approve any CBD products for any purpose, which means that their production, labeling, and distribution aren’t subject to federal regulation

more than two thirds of CBD products sold online contained either higher or lower concentrations of the substance than their labels indicated—and that some of them contained significant levels of THC, too The safety and reliability of currently available CBD products depends somewhat on the states where they are produced

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