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Felicity Chen, 26, Cofounder of Potli in San Francisco, CA

What does your company do?

“We’re a modern wellness brand with a mission to heighten your kitchen and daily rituals with the benefits of cannabis and hemp. We believe that delicious, honest ingredients like our raw wildflower honey, cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil, and chili oils enhanced with full-spectrum cannabis are an ideal way to empower happier and healthier lives.”

What do you do every day?

“Each day is different. From strategizing the next product launch to signing on and training new retail partners, daily operations, sponsoring cannabis dinners, regulatory compliance checks, and creating content with our peers — the list goes on!”

What were you doing before you entered the cannabis space?

“I grew up in the food world, and after graduating from BU studying operations, I moved back home to the Bay Area to work in business development, signing on tastemakers and service providers with startups such as Gilt.com, Uber, and MealPal. Many of the amazing people I met along the way are advisers to our business today.”

How’d you get into this industry?

“Cannabis is nourishment for my soul, and I would say the same about my relationship with food. By bringing the two together, we’re hoping to solve people’s ailments and their worries in the format of condiments.”

What do you love most about working in cannabis?

“We have the most special community. Without trying to, we have a mostly female supply chain — isn’t that extremely powerful? There’s a real sisterhood from retailers, distribution partners, brand owners, and influencers, and we love working together and uplifting one another.”

How is it being a woman in cannabis?

“Coming from the tech industry, where gender imbalance is not atypical, similar problems still persist in the cannabis industry. Being an owner empowers me to make that change. Whenever I have to make a decision where I may doubt my choice, my business partner asks, ‘Would a man do X?’ The answer is always that a man would never do or even think to question X, and I’m reminded to be confident in myself and to crush every day.”

What is your advice to someone wanting to break into the cannabis space for the first time from a different industry?

“The skills you have already acquired [can be applied to] the cannabis industry. Take some time figuring out what you want your role to be. Become a brand associate (Potli is definitely hiring) or train to be a budtender! If you are thinking about starting a brand, start your Instagram and build a loyal following with good content and a business plan.”

Source: https://www.refinery29.com/en-us/how-to-get-a-job-in-cannabis

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