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13 Aug

CBD Cannabis Oil Benefits by Dr Sanjay Gupta Join Hempworx

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13 Aug

What is CBD Oil? CBD For Back Pain, Inflammation: Answers by a Compound Pharmacist

We working? all right guys, hey welcome! My name is Stephen Dunn, I'm with CORE Therapy & Pilates and today I have a very special guest, Tom Schnorr, from Austin Compounding Pharmacy I'm gonna have him introduce himself Am I saying that right? Perfect and he's gonna be telling, here […]

13 Aug

CBD Oils and Supplements Reviewed by ConsumerLab

Hi this is Dr Tod Cooperman I'm the president and founder of ConsumerLabcom and I'm here to talk today about CBD supplements and CBD oil Now CBD is a compound found in hemp and marijuana, which is also hemp, it is a cannabinoid There are other cannabinoids in hemp such […]