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13 Aug

CBD Essence CBD Oil Review (best cbd oil for anxiety)

hey what's up you guys on I just wanted to do a review video about CBD essence in their hemp oil tincture and I just want to start off with saying first holy shit honestly holy shit this is amazing this product it's freakin amazing let me tell you usually […]

13 Aug

What’s the Difference Between CBD and THC oil

Hi! Thank you for joining me today! Today I am going to briefly talk about the difference between hemp-derived CBD versus marijuana CBD I've received many inquiries about the difference It's a great question too! I remember having the same exact questions when I first learned about CBD I thought […]

13 Aug

#1 Mistake When Taking CBD Oil

We are here to tell you the #1 mistake people make when they start using CBD oil for the first time The answer is dosing It is important to note that you do not receive exact dosing information as you would for a RX The amount of oil is not […]