New CBD-only store opens in Amarillo –

New CBD-only shop opens on South Western Street in Amarillo. (ABC 7 Amarillo-Tiffany Lester)

A new CBD specialty store is opening its doors in Amarillo. “Your CBD store of Amarillo” near Western and I-40 sells 100 percent organic CBD products.

Many people have misconceptions about CBD; believing it is a drug coming from the marijuana plant, but as shop owners tell ABC 7 News, that is not the case. They add, it is actually helping thousands of people in the Texas Panhandle.

“I got diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder and panic disorder,” said Amarillo resident and CBD oil user Brooke Hughes. “I tried different medications, but it kind of made me feel different. (It) made me angry sometimes.”

After a frustrating few years for Brooke Hughes, she tried CBD oil, but she could not buy it locally. Her mother has been buying the oil online for her until now.

“Buying online, it takes weeks for them to even get it and coming into the store, you could have it that night. And it’s more convenient. If you run out, you don’t have to wait,” said Hughes.

She visited the “Your CBD Store of Amarillo” for the first time Wednesday afternoon in hopes of finding a more convenient fix. Shop owner Ben Terhune says CBD oil is a natural reliever of many ailments.

“The majority of our customers are like 40 to 65 and they have a lot more pain, achy joints, arthritis,” said “Your CBD Store of Amarillo” owner Ben Terhune. “Some of the younger crowd has a lot more, not so much pain, but anxiety, some depression, stuff like that.”

He tells ABC 7 News CBD comes from the hemp plant, not marijuana, and is legal in the Lonestar state.

“The two biggest frequent questions are, ‘Am I going to get high?’ No. Our whole thing is get the help not the high. It’s not even from same plant. The other is, ‘Am I going to fail a drug test?’ The answer is no,” said Trehune.

Terhune said CBD products have already helped more than 2,600 customers since the store opened in September.

“Come in, we have free samples, you can sit down with us, we’ll educate you on our products and our first question is always what are you suffered from, what can we help you with immediately?” said Trehune.

There are all kinds of products at the shop in a variety of price ranges including CBD treats for your pets that may be living with anxiety or joint pain.

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