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00:02 [Music] 00:09 CBD industry is one of the fastest 00:13 growing industries in the world right 00:15 now and according to Forbes by 2020 the 00:18 CBD industry is expected to grow by 00:20 seven hundred percent adding billions of 00:22 dollars in revenue prior to the 2014 00:25 farm bill getting past hemp hadn't 00:27 really been grown in the United States 00:29 for over 50 years and now hemp and CBD 00:32 is making the biggest comeback that 00:34 we've ever seen what's really exciting 00:36 about the CBD industry right now is it's 00:38 becoming mainstream popular the facts 00:41 are coming out people have come to the 00:43 realization that this isn't some plant 00:46 that if you use it it's a one-way ticket 00:49 to Nowheresville you've got new stations 00:51 and the media they're talking about it 00:53 celebrities are starting to speak up 00:55 about it everywhere I go people are 00:57 talking about CBD oil my friends my 00:59 neighbors neurosurgeon dr Sanjay Gupta 01:02 he's been a huge advocate for cannabis 01:04 on CNN and he's even made a documentary 01:06 about its benefits this industry is big 01:08 news I really believe that the truth 01:11 about CBD and cannabis is starting to 01:14 come out you know it's been demonized 01:15 for so many years you'd be labeled a 01:17 low-life a STONER a druggie all of these 01:20 negative things and people are now 01:23 starting to realize that there's 01:25 medicinal benefits once you start to 01:27 really look at the history of this plant 01:29 you'll come to find that the truth is 01:32 nothing what we've been told you're 01:34 seeing restrictions being less 01:36 it's a hot product it's a hot industry 01:39 more and more states are legalizing it 01:42 and that's creating a huge opportunity 01:45 for the CVD industry it's becoming more 01:49 normal it's becoming more mainstream and 01:51 people want to know the truth 01:53 according to Forbes there's over 25,000 01:56 products that can be created using him 01:58 this is one of the most vital plants to 02:01 mankind and we're bringing it back to 02:03 the world Josh came home with some CBD 02:06 oil that he had been kind of behind the 02:08 scenes working on as soon as I tried it 02:11 I knew that things were beginning to 02:13 change for me so we've been looking at 02:15 ways to mass-produce this oil so that we 02:19 could bring it to everybody 02:20 globally when we decided to launch hemp 02:24 works we knew that we needed to come out 02:26 with unique products products that were 02:28 high quality products that were 02:29 affordable products that were different 02:31 than from what's out there in the market 02:33 and I believe we had to find and secure 02:36 partnerships with the top farms in the 02:39 industry a lot of other oils out there 02:41 are not using the extraction method that 02:44 we have what separates hemp works from 02:46 other products that I've tried is for 02:48 one we don't dilute our product with any 02:50 other fillers many people brought their 02:53 CBD in and it goes through a process 02:54 where it gets bleached and neutralized 02:57 and by the time it gets here yeah it's 03:02 not it's not what it was before it went 03:05 through that process we searched high 03:06 and low and we found one of the top 03:09 farms in the world for CBD and we 03:12 secured an amazing partnership it's 03:14 coming from America the farms that we've 03:17 connected ourselves to and that Josh was 03:19 able to go out and create relationships 03:21 with there is not a second or third I 03:25 mean they are the best of the best 03:26 through this farm and partnership we 03:29 knew that we could bring the highest 03:31 quality and the purest CBD products to 03:34 the rest of the world and our two 03:36 flagship products are our CBD oils they 03:39 come in two concentrations a 500 03:41 milligram and a 750 milligrams 03:43 concentration and there's two flavors a 03:46 peppermint flavor and a nap 03:48 flavor what's so amazing about the CBD 03:51 oil is there's trillions of receptors in 03:54 our body and our body we have an 03:56 endocannabinoid system which is also 03:58 known as the ECS there's cb1 receptors 04:01 and they're cb2 receptors cb2 receptors 04:05 are activated when you take products 04:07 that are high in CBD so by taking our 04:10 CBD oil you're activating the cb2 04:13 receptors in your body after I began 04:16 trying these products I knew that they 04:19 were a life changing and I knew that I 04:21 couldn't keep this to myself 04:23 so we have three topicals with the hemp 04:25 Works line renew revive and relief renew 04:30 is an anti-aging cream that's got CBD 04:33 the cannabis sativa and it also has 04:36 apple stem cells revive is a CBD 04:40 moisturizer so it's an ampm moisturizer 04:43 it's got CBD and it's also got collagen 04:46 retinol the third product in our line is 04:49 relief relief is a topical pain rub 04:52 that's got CBD and emu oil what really 04:56 makes our partnership different is four 04:58 things number one the farming our farms 05:02 exclusively grow and manufacture CBD and 05:07 hemp products one of the benefits of 05:08 having the farm here in the United 05:10 States is we can control the supply 05:11 chain we know that it's quality we know 05:14 where it's grown we know how it's grown 05:15 we can see the leaves we can get all the 05:18 test data that we need and that's a big 05:20 deal for consumers for our customers we 05:23 want to make sure that we give them the 05:25 highest quality CBD products that are 05:27 out there 05:28 number two the science our agricultural 05:32 partners have an in-house team of 05:34 scientists product developers lab 05:37 researchers and even professors in the 05:40 universities they're in Kentucky having 05:42 that team that we can leverage to be 05:45 able to help produce these products 05:47 gives us the confidence to be able to go 05:49 out and market these products to the 05:51 masses number three fresh lock drying is 05:55 a proprietary system that our 05:57 agricultural partners have that 05:59 basically eliminates all the mold 06:01 and pathogens that happen during flash 06:04 processing so to the end consumer that 06:07 means that by the time you get the 06:08 finished product all of the 06:10 phytochemicals are intact we're so 06:12 confident as a company that we're giving 06:15 people the highest quality and purest 06:17 product that's out there on the market 06:19 and we have the tests to prove it and 06:21 number four compliance under the 2014 06:25 farm bill it's legal to sell and ship 06:29 these products across state lines as 06:31 long as you have less than point zero 06:33 three percent THC by dry weight so one 06:36 of the ways that we've become compliant 06:38 as a company is we have upheld all of 06:42 the federal standards and restrictions 06:44 when it comes to CBD and hemp because of 06:46 the partnership with the farms and being 06:48 so close to the the growing process 06:50 we've been able to produce gas 06:52 chromatography tests micro CRO bial 06:55 tests a certificate of analysis every 06:57 time we do a batch all of our products 07:00 are sent to a third-party lab for 07:02 testing and for stability testing so we 07:04 know that we can be 100% compliant as we 07:07 sell and market these products to the 07:09 rest of the world I knew what hemp 07:11 uruk's did for me I wasn't really sure 07:12 what it was going to do for everybody 07:14 else and when we first started bringing 07:16 hemp works to other people the amount of 07:19 testimonies that we've had in such a 07:21 short amount of time has been 07:23 straight-up unbelievable to hear people 07:26 say how they have back pain or neck pain 07:28 or whatever type of pain and within a 07:30 few doses some of these people are 07:32 experiencing relief from pain I am a 07:35 senior citizen and I taught dance for 28 07:39 years and so I have a lot of aches and 07:40 pains that are just residual effects of 07:42 my career and I was looking for ways to 07:46 really feel better it has so many 07:49 different uses it's helping so many 07:51 people just being able to jump up out of 07:54 bed versus slowly maneuvering out of bed 07:58 and walking a few steps before the body 08:01 says okay we can do this today those 08:05 little tiny things have improved my 08:08 quality of life in terms of just doing 08:10 the day-to-day things that we need to do 08:12 since I have started taking seed 08:14 internally and also topically it has 08:17 been like a rebirth you have nothing to 08:19 lose to try this product out you will 08:22 all of a sudden realize that pain in a 08:27 few days CBD is just absolutely given me 08:30 a whole new lease on life until I 08:32 started researching about it and hearing 08:35 about hemp works I had no idea how big 08:38 this was CBD is becoming the answer and 08:42 a true solution when it comes to both 08:44 neurological and immunological wellness 08:47 Farm trusted high CBD is the new 08:51 superfood grown on American farms so the 08:54 hemp works mission is twofold the first 08:57 part is we want to bring this plant back 08:59 to the rest of the world another part of 09:01 our mission is they want to empower 09:03 people by sharing this amazing plant 09:05 with their friends and their family CBD 09:08 oil and the CBD industry I believe is 09:11 the next trillion dollar industry really 09:13 the best is yet to come we figured out a 09:16 way to launch hemp works inside of my 09:18 daily choice and the rest is history 09:24 you

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