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MADISON (WKOW) — Since an oil derived from hemp became legal in Wisconsin, it’s exploded in popularity.

You can find cannabidiol oil in health stores and now in your food and drinks. But doctors say it’s important to know how these CBD products are made and the questions you should ask before buying them.

Chocolaterian Cafe in Middleton started making and selling CBD chocolates and caramels within the past month.

CBD is said to be an alternative way to treat pain, sleep problems, and even depression.

“We’re able to take this kind of product that is really beneficial for people and have it made right here and sold right here,” said owner Leanne Cordisco.

Cordisco says she spent a lot of time carefully measuring to get the proper concentration of CBD in the finished product.

“The average Wisconsin person could have one chocolate or one caramel and have it be a daily dose for them,” she told 27 News.

Chocolaterian is not alone. Businesses across Wisconsin are adding CBD to products like beer, cocktails and even brats.

Pickle Jar in Madison sells CBD iced coffee from Canna Brew, a local coffee brewer. The restaurant has been selling the coffee since opening about six months ago.

“It’s a product of the future really, we’re dealing with something that is going to be around for a while,” said owner John Pickle.

Both restaurant owners say they’ve been taking a lot of questions from people about their new products and the addition to the menu has brought in more customers.

“It creates an interesting conversation piece for people to learn about the product and it’s an opportunity for me to maybe dispel myths,” Pickle told 27 News.

Doctors: Know before you buy

Experts say if you’re considering trying these products, it’s best to be well-informed before buying.

Dr. Michael McNett, who specializes in pain management, says you should ask where the CBD oil is coming from. Look for a pure form that comes from a reputable company.

“It’s really important to get a good quality product,” he said. “They should call the manufacturer and make sure that when they manufacture it, they are very diligent about filtering out all the leaves.”

CBD is made from hemp, but doesn’t include the part of the plant that has THC, the intoxicating chemical found in marijuana.

McNett says if it’s not pure CBD, there’s a potential to be some THC in the product. CBD cannot legally have more than 0.3 percent THC.

You should also know how much CBD you’re consuming when buying a product.

Cordisco says her chocolates are precisely measured to have 20 milligrams of CBD in each. The coffee sold at Pickle Jar has nearly 60. Both say the products are carefully tested.

“They have been continuously doing testing on it and making sure their doses are correct and we test it out ourselves and we have just found this to be an incredibly high quality product,” Pickle said.

Chocolaterian works with a local farm certified to grow organic CBD oil.

“[The customers] want to know where their products are coming from. 80 percent of all the CBD sold in the country, as I understand it, comes from China. And we didn’t want to do that. So we wanted to have that kind of transparency,” Cordisco said.

Alternative treatment options

While many say they’ve seen results, Dr. McNett warns it’s still a new product, so people should be careful as research continues into the long-term impacts of CBD.

He has hope it could be an effective alternative to medications contributing to the opioid crisis. He leads an opioid task force for the Wisconsin Medical Society.

“Anything we can find that can help pain, that’s not addicting and as an alternative to opioids is a potential benefit,” McNett told 27 News.

He says when Colorado legalized marijuana, the state saw a 30 percent drop in opioid-related deaths. McNett says CBD is a safer alternative option, as long as people are closely monitoring their consumption.

Right now, he has conversations with patients about trying CBD, starting with small doses.

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