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Natural Treatment for Cushings Disease in Dogs

Natural Treatment for Cushings Disease in Dogs

“My 12 year old dachshund was recently diagnosed with Cushing’s disease. My Vet recommended that I look the Cushing’s Killer Combo. It’s 5 weeks now and we can already see an improvement, without any side effects. She’s drinking less, urinating less and panting less” Janet Santee – La Habra, CA

Brad Solomon, founder of, an Herbal Remedy Manufacturer specializing in CBD Oil for dogs and cats, was constantly hearing from customers who had dogs with health issues related to Cushing’s disease.

Over 100,000 middle age to senior dogs are diagnosed with Cushing’s disease every year.

Cushing’s disease in dogs develops when their own body overproduces cortisol. Hyperadrenocorticism in dogs generally affects middle-aged to older animals.

Symptoms of Cushing’s disease include increased thirst and urination, loss of hair, panting, pot bellies, obesity, and a general lack of interest in things that dogs normally like to do.

Solomon stated that “Cushing’s disease in dog’s can have similar characteristics to Alzheimer’s disease in people and aside from the physical issues it presents it can change a dog’s personality. Dogs become forgetful, disinterested and can even become aggressive which is very depressing for pet parents. Prescription drug options like Trilostane, Mitotane and Anipryl can be effective but the many side-effects can sometimes outweigh the benefits. We wanted to develop a natural remedy for Cushing’s disease in dogs.”

Solomon, his veterinarian and his product formulator took over a year to formulate and test his Adrenal Support Remedy to address symptoms of Cushing’s disease, which is now one of his most popular selling items.

“One day I had an epiphany when my next door neighbor Sue told me a story about her Maltese, Cheri. Sue had been ordering Prana Pets Adrenal Support, C Support and CBD Oil for Cheri’s Cushing’s disease and Arthritis. Sue remarked that somehow Cheri’s internal clock had turned back. Cheri was peeing and panting less, not staring into space anymore and was acting like her younger pain-free self. Sue’s experience with Cheri gave me that spine tingling, joyous moment and the Cushing’s Killer Combo was born.”

Solomon’s #1 selling system for the past 2 years is the Cushing’s Killer Combo which contains, High Spectrum CBD Oil, C-Support for immunity and Adrenal Support to help address the symptoms related to Cushing’s disease. Solomon also noted that it’s safe to use with most prescription meds. Many of the customers are able to eliminate the prescription medications altogether after consulting with their vet.

In January 2019, Solomon surveyed 150 customers who purchased the Cushing’s Killer Combo system and administered it to their dog for a minimum of 90 days.

Some of the survey highlights include;

  • 8/10 of those surveyed for excessive drinking and urination believed that Prana Pets Cushing’s Killer Combo was effective in reducing the amount of water consumed and the frequency of urination
  • 8.2/10 of those surveyed for hair loss believed that Prana Pets Cushing’s Killer Combo was effective in reducing their dog’s hair loss
  • 8/10 of those surveyed for believed that Prana Pets Cushing’s Killer Combo Oil was effective in reducing their dog’s anxiety or stress
  • 8.7/10 of those surveyed for having a ravenous appetite believed that Prana Pets Cushing’s Killer Combo was effective in reducing their hunger within 2 weeks

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