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Michael Fitzgerald, former IT consultant and co-owner of a successful web development business turned co-owner of Body and Mind Botanicals, started to become aware of the health benefits of CBD after researching MS therapies for his partner’s father.

He explains it was then that he realised the potential benefits to his own health.

“I read on the CBD therapy website how it helps with pain inflammation and stress and aided sleep and that really pricked my interest because I hadn’t slept for more than four hours a night since I left home at the age of 14.

“I decided to search for CBD oil online but found it hard to find and the websites selling it were all pretty shifty looking!”

With curiosity exceeding concern, he ordered a batch of oil and after taking it for just a couple of days he enjoyed his first restful eight-hour sleep since his teens as well as feeling his stress levels decreasing and his mood improving.

“It was only after I’d been taking it for a couple of weeks that I was able to see how stress had been weighing me down before,”​ he explains.

“I was doing a job that I didn’t find interesting or challenging. I had a big mortgage and a growing family and the stress of supporting my family while doing a job I didn’t enjoy was getting on top of me without me realising.”

Time for a cuppa

Fitzgerald says this realisation was his inspiration to set up his own CBD company.

Body and Mind tea

After spending  year researching and learning as much as he thought he possible could about this plant and its health benefits, he proposed his cannabis tea business idea to his IT business partner Martin Kaprochyi, who was immediately sold.

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