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Fans of cold brew coffee and CBD products now can enjoy both at the same time.

Kansas City area-based companies CBD American Shaman and The Roasterie have teamed up for a CBD-infused cold brew.

“You’ll feel the the energy that you get from caffeine, but the CBD will kind of equalize the jitters that you can get if you have a lot of caffeine,” Green Coffee Buyer Craig Park said. “A can of cold brew is about the equivalent of two hot cups of coffee and you can pretty quickly drink enough that it starts to hurt your stomach, and the CBD counteracts that really well.”

The Roasterie started looking into CBD products a few months ago, and Park said there were conversations with experts from a variety of states. In the end, a local connection turned out to be the best fit.

“(CBD American Shaman) is about a quarter mile down the road from us, which we weren’t even aware of when we started,” he said. “It just seemed like a perfect fit for us.”

Rick Almack and his wife, Kathleen Wade, own several CBD American Shaman locations, including a store in Downtown St. Joseph, where the cold brew will be for sale.

One can contains 10 mg of CBD but no THC, making intoxication from consuming the coffee impossible. Almack, whose stores sell a variety of CBD products, said it has a calming effect on many people.

“Most of the people that come into our shop are telling us that the CBD helps with anxiety, depression, it helps with people who have have attention deficits and have a hard time focusing, and it really helps with pain,” Almack said.

Cans of CBD-infused cold brew will be available at American Shaman in St. Joseph starting next Tuesday and can be purchased now at about 20 American Shaman locations in the Kansas City metro area and The Roasterie’s Factory Cafe in Kansas City.

Source: http://www.newspressnow.com/news/local_news/cbd-infused-coffee-coming-to-st-joseph/article_298931ec-3d37-5bcc-a922-923ad7e64003.html

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