Ben Nutley, former Northampton Saints player, sets up hemp business – Huffs n Puffs

Only a few days ago, the NFL fraternity was discussing whether cannabis could help NFL players who have had brutal injuries in the field.

Seems Ben Nutley, a former Northampton Saints player (Rugby), has understood how Cannabidiol (CBD), the non-psychoactive compound in cannabis can bring quick relief to athletes without getting them high.

As a result, Nutley, along with the current captain of Coventry Rugby Football Club, Heath Stevens, has set up a holistic hemp firm named Nuts About Health.

The company produces a wide range of CBD products, including ground coffee, hemp tea, CBD oil, body oil spray and body salve. “It’s benefiting a large number of the public and showing there is an enormous number of issues that could be aided with the help of CBD.”

The duo believes that CBD oil is an appealing option for those who are seeking relief from pain and anxiety without the psychoactive effects of marijuana, but they are, of course, not qualified (and certified) to give medical advice.

Nutley, though, credits Stevens for the idea of starting this business, aimed at helping fellow sportsmen and the general public alike. Reportedly, Stevens sustained a pre-season injury to his foot and was advised by a friend — who was consuming medical marijuana for the treatment of testicular cancer – to give CBD a try.

Stevens tried what his friend advised and ten days later he no longer saw the need to undergo further medical treatment.

“The CBD market is evolving at a rapid pace, with more and more people turning toward a more holistic approach to their health,” Stevens said to a leading newspaper.

Since both are professional sportsmen, it’s needless to say that the products they endorse and use are 100% devoid of THC as they are regularly tested for any ‘shenanigans’ in their jobs.

If you want to try the products by Nuts about Health, feel free to head over to Dapper Chaps Barber Shop in Wellingborough Road or Tick Tock Coffee and Wine Bar in Upton.


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