Alpha-CAT Cannabinoid Analysis Test kit demo video

Meet Sebastien Beguerie CEO and founder Alpha Cat that will guide you through use of Alpha Cat mini kit step by step in this video we will show you how you can use the cannabinoid analysis test to know what's in your substance Alpha cat uses a consolidated method to perform the tests the quantitative percentages within more or less than 2% of THC CBD THC B CDG and CBC also analyzes acid counterparts like THC A and CBD A, which they supply information on age and quality of samples the kit is portable so you can use it everywhere and test on all types of products To quantify and precisely classify yours products derived from cannabis The kit includes among other things gloves, test plates and test tubes the only thing you need getting yourself is an oven in case you are planning to decarboxylate your sample, a scale and your champion In this video tutorial we will test four different samples grass, hashish, RSO oil and CBD extract it is possible to test up to four samples for each plate

Follow the tutorial and follow the instructions the analysis process begins with the weighing of the grass sample necessary for the concentration test the required quantity is 100 milligrams and must be inserted in the test tube this also applies for other samples: hashish, RSO oil and CBD extract the coated side of the test plate is marked accurately to avoid touching the white top after taking the test solution e take a box out of the box milliliter of this fluid with the pipette and add it to the tube quickly close the lid of the test tube and shake vigorously for 10 seconds and then proceed by taking i capillary tubes with their support use a capillary tube to take a drop of the sample solution by immersing one end of the capillary tube in the solution of the test tube Make sure the capillary tube absorbs 1 micro liter automatically and that this is deposited upwards now you can lean on the marking part of the test plate leaving the lower part in contact with the white coated part the fluid will be released on the marked point of the plates Use a new capillary tube for every different sample, or if you notice that the capillary tube is obstructed from a small amount of plant matter Allow the plate to dry for 30 seconds

The next part of the test consists of heat the plate by placing it in a oven preheated to 150 degrees Celsius for 5 minutes Remember that you can avoid the part of the oven if decarboxylation you do not care or if your product it must not be heated before consumption Remove the time when the time has passed from the oven The plate is hot so be careful when you handle it Allow it to cool for 30 seconds

Now continue adding 2 milliliters of test liquid in the preparation glass container then insert the test plate which will rest with a slight inclination with the marked points facing down Close the container and let the plate absorb the test liquid by about 25 minutes until this reaches the top of the plate now that the liquid has been absorbed it is sufficient to extract the plate from the can and let it dry for about five minutes In the meantime prepare the guide coloring for the revealing phase of the test process Be sure to always wear gloves while handling chemicals

Enter the contents of a microtube of dye in the dipping tray and add 25 milliliters of water gently move the immersion tank forward and back so that the dye dissolves completely 15 seconds later you are ready to immerse the octopus plate with the side facing down and for a second only Leave the plate dry for 10 minutes and proceed to reading colored points Between four and eight minutes after the color immersion use the cannabinoid cartographic ruler for measuring the diameter of the colored dots of each cannabinoid, to quantify their level in sample Finally it's time to calculate the percentages and get more control of your sample

Place the transparent measurement scale on the test plate and locate the disk more like the point on the plate Each displayed result will be multiplied by 2 Now you know what's inside your sample Thanks for watching Text translated into Italian by Indoorline


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